Three Ways to Keep Your Team Safe After Reopening

To reopen safely, our team has implemented a number of new procedures in keeping with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines. In this post, we’re outlining three changes we’re making, along with information on how they could be integrated into your workspace.

1. Conduct Temperature Screenings

When we arrive, we are taking one another’s temperatures using our new temperature gun before we leave the lobby. Those numbers are recorded in a log. If someone on our team is running a temperature higher than 100 degrees F, he or she will be sent home immediately and asked a series of questions about his or her symptoms over the phone.

2. Add Distance

We have revised the office seating chart to keep workspaces 6’ apart. However, we know many businesses don’t have the space to create the distance needed. We suggest adding partitions, like these from 3form. They are easy to clean and integrate seamlessly with existing office layouts. Before ordering yours, you’ll need to know the size of your desk and what type of screen you prefer, wrap around or straight screen. You should also determine the desired opacity of the resin based on privacy needs, as well as hardware preferences.

In addition to that change, our new collaborative space will be closed for a while, but our outdoor patio is open, along with a few other common areas, like the kitchen and printer. We’ve stocked those places with Clorox wipes and sanitizer.

3. Increase Disinfectant Usage

Our team is using hand sanitizer before they touch anything and Clorox wipes after they are done with it. Places, like the microwave, trash drawer handle, printer screen, etc, are all being cleaned regularly.

Questions? Contact us at to learn more about our safety precautions.

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