MU Health Care’s Integrated Medicine Unit Delivers Safety and Aesthetics

Located on the top floor of MU Health Care’s three-story addition to the university hospital is a new, Integrated Medicine Unit. When designing the space, the hospital asked us to balance their functional and aesthetic goals. They needed an environment that would function for a blended patient population with medical and psychiatric needs. However, they didn’t want it to feel like a traditional psychiatric unit.

Our first priority was creating a high level of safety for staff and patients. We ensured there were clear sight lines down every corridor and that everything installed was tamperproof and anti-ligature. We also designed custom caregiver stations for each patient room. These stations allowed visual access to vitals machines and IV pumps, while still securing them from patients and visitors. But, safety isn’t just about the obvious! We selected an antimicrobial material, Laminam, in the patient bathrooms to help keep patients and visitors safe, while also making life easier for the housekeeping staff.

Improving patient outcomes and the guest experience was another focus. We did this by incorporating a number of custom design elements. To provide safe access to natural light, we added built-in window seats in each room. Further, these window seats provided open storage cubbies for patient belongings. We also created faux windows at the end of each corridor to provide the illusion of a unit open to natural light.

We combined safety, function and aesthetics to create an environment that gives patients the respect and dignity all people deserve. The completed space includes:

  • A sallyport, compete with lockers and metal detectors.

  • Two caregiver stations with all the usual support spaces.

  • One seclusion room with support space.

  • 24, private patient rooms, including a bariatric room.

  • A group therapy and dining room.

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