How We Are Handling COVID-19

Hello All!

We’re hoping that everyone is staying safe and healthy. Like many of you, our firm is still open and hopefully, you haven’t noticed any of the changes we’ve put in place that allow us to work remote! (If you have noticed something, please let us know so we can figure out how to continue to improve during these times!)

For all our clients and business partners, we are continuing to work with many things unchanged: project schedules, mailing address, e-mail and phone numbers come to mind. However, some changes were inevitable:

  • We’ve transitioned to Zoom meetings (like everyone else).

  • We will still perform punch list inspections, but depending on our clients preferences and situations, some of these may be carried out via facetime and/or video conferencing instead of in person. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis after a conversation with the client.

  • Delivery Address: While our mail is being forwarded, we’re still working on how to get deliveries to the proper folks scattered throughout the metro. If you have something that needs to be couriered to our office, please contact your Project Manager and they can provide details.

We appreciate everyone’s flexibility in these times and look forward to seeing people and shaking hands soon!

Brooke and Kurt

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