Three New Trends in Medical Office Spaces

For more years than we can count, we’ve worked with developers and medical practices on designing tenant spaces. Recently, we’ve noticed a few trends emerging and wanted to share those with you.

  1. There has been a push toward shared sinks. We’re seeing practices really start to think about the need for a sink (and sometimes even casework) in every exam room. As practices continue to “foam in / foam out,” the need for washing hands is diminishing, which can lead to significant savings for a project, as well as increasing the usable space inside exam rooms. And while it’s not right for every practice, it certainly merits discussion for most.

  2. Greater collaboration between furniture and IT is also a new trend. The technology in exam rooms is expanding beyond an EMR system for the provider’s use. Now, we’re starting to see touch screens that can be used to communicate diagnosis and treatment plans with patients and family members. These changes necessitate careful planning and consideration for furniture and exam room layouts in order to maximize the effectiveness of these investments.

  3. Increasing access to natural light throughout a suite is also a priority now. Gone are the days when the entire window-clad perimeter of a suite was dedicated to caregiver offices. We are starting to see corridors and caregiver stations along the window walls, allowing natural light to penetrate deeper into the suite – especially where borrowed lights are integrated into interior rooms.

Whether you’re developing a new medical office building, renovating your space or looking for something new, our team can help. Email us at, and we can walk you through our design approach.

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