Small Changes Deliver a Large Branding Impact for Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions is a marketing agency network with offices in multiple cities and clients around the globe. They were looking for a way to warmly welcome their clients and other visitors to the Kansas City location. We collaborated closely with their amazing team to create a striking first impression in their space.

Intouch Solutions wanted an entrance that represented their company culture and provided valuable information to their growing number of employees. The agency was founded in 1999 by Faruk Capan, who had previously worked in IT at a pharmaceutical company. He’d seen the possibilities of “the Internet” and wanted to help pharmaceutical companies connect with customers in exciting new ways. It was important to us to echo the firm’s deep digital roots in the space.

We started by adding a large monitor to their welcome wall. With it, Intouch can communicate with visitors and employees, changing the messaging to fit their needs. For example, it can be personalized to welcome clients and prospects, provide information to employees on upcoming events or share reminders.

The remaining portion of the welcome wall is filled with a backlit logo to reinforce their branding and encourage company pride. We selected wood panels for the front desk to add warmth. They contrast beautifully with the white wallcovering that was installed on the wall behind it. It was chosen, because of its subtle visual texture, which adds interest without detracting from the monitor and company logo.

The completed design not only showcases the agency’s brand, but also creates continuity for the entire space. These small changes make a huge impact for Intouch by supporting office pride, communicating with clients and highlighting their brand.

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