3 Smart Strategies for Incorporating Your Brand into Your Workspace

Competition for talent continues to increase in a number of fields. One way companies can differentiate themselves from others is by infusing their brand into their workspace. In addition to being a recruitment and retention tool, it can also help reinforce brand, keeping it top of mind for clients, customers, co-workers and new recruits.

There are a number of ways to incorporate your business’s culture and identity into your workplace. Start by using colors and design principles similar to those found in your marketing materials. Integrating those elements into signage and art around the office is an easy way to begin.

While those changes make an immediate impact, here are three smart strategies for highlighting your brand in your space. Employing these techniques will help your organization stand out from the competition.

  1. Yes, your office should showcase your brand colors, but it shouldn’t stop there. Make sure your workspace also reflects your values. For example, if your company is collaborative, closed offices should be used sparingly. Or, if wellness is important to your organization, incorporating natural light, standing desks, and eat-in cafes might make sense.

  2. Stay away from trends that don’t relate to your business. Although something may be aesthetically pleasing, the layout and appearance of your space should connect with your organization and how you function.

  3. When it comes to designing for longevity, it’s important to think about the ease of adaptability. Designs should be flexible, offering you options down the road. The look and feel of your brand will more than likely evolve, so focus branding efforts in strategic places that can be easily and cost-effectively modified.

It’s time your workspace worked for you. Email us at info@bc-dg.com to find out how we can help reinforce your brand in your office.

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