Hilary Completes Leadership Olathe

Hilary is officially a graduate of Leadership Olathe 2019! Leadership Olathe is a professional development course offered by the Olathe Chamber of Commerce. The course included 8 full day sessions over a 4 month period where the class learned about everything from how our city government works to what their personal leadership style and skills are.

Each year, the Leadership Olathe class chooses a charitable organization within Olathe to help. the 2019 class chose to benefit Inclusion Connections. This orginazation provides education, job training, and life skills to youths and young adults with special needs. Inclusion Connections has a storefront called Pawsabilities where they sell home made dog treats, toys, and bandannas. All of these goodies are made by the participants of Inclusion Connections and this helps to provide job training for those individuals.

The class of 2019 was able to raise nearly $29,000 of donations, both cash and in-kind. They helped to make physical improvements to the space as well as work on flow and process improvements with the owner, Debbie Horn. A new industrial sewing machine will be purchased with the cash donations. A minivan was also donated to help participants get back and forth to their day jobs.

Overall this was a wonderful experience and has made a lasting impact on Hilary. If you want more information, please feel free to visit Inclusion Connections, Pawsabilities, or the Leadership Olathe websites.

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