4 Hospitality Strategies that Can Transform Any Work Environment

Just a little over five years ago, Google changed the conversation surrounding work environments. Many credited their unique space with helping to spur innovation. Collaborative spaces and open offices are now commonplace, and many are looking towards what’s next.

As we partner with clients, we often draw design strategies from other industries to enhance the guest and employee experience. In this article, we’re sharing four, hospitality-based strategies, that can be applied to improve and enhance any environment.

Creating Zones

By implementing a variety of zones, organizations can create places that adapt to various workstyles and personalities. We are using this strategy as we begin to transform Research Medical Center’s existing cafeteria, which will be used not only as a place to eat, but also as an event space for students and employees. To make the café more functional and encourage greater collaboration, we drew from our hospitality experience to create a variety of eating zones. The new dining experience will have social areas with higher tables and lots of opportunities for eye contact, as well as nomad places where people can eat alone or meet in groups of two or three. It will also have lounge spaces and traditional seating with tables and chairs. This approach can help boost performance by providing opportunities for people to work and relax in a way that’s best for them.

Designing a Destination

On a recent library project, we used our amusement park experience to create an inviting destination for patrons. Most people are hesitant to enter an unknown space, so it’s important to make guests feel comfortable from the moment they walk in the door.

In addition to elevating the entry experience, creating an Instagram or photo moment can draw people to you. For Livingston County Library, we’ve designed a colorful mural and an oversized dimensional monument sign to help bring new visitors and spread awareness.

Companies can employ either of these tactics to attract new talent, clients and customers.

Prioritizing Wayfinding

Great wayfinding ensures guests and employees feel at ease as they move through a space. It’s important that people understand what’s coming next, and there are a number of ways to communicate that through design. Some of these could include finishes, lighting, signage and even the use of glass doors. No matter the environment, these elements resonate with current employees and prospects.

Communicating Your Brand

Infusing your brand throughout your space can boost employee retention and help attract new clients. Despite being a simple idea, it is often overlooked. When working with Intouch, we designed a new welcome experience that connected to the look and feel of their existing, modern office. It features their logo prominently and includes a huge screen to welcome and inform clients. These small changes have ensured their entire office communicates a cohesive brand and aids their recruitment efforts.

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