Raising the Standards on Cath Labs

For many years, healthcare facilities have been using cath labs to treat a variety of cases. Because of their multi-functional usage, new requirements have been developed that in some cases, hold these rooms to the same standards as operating rooms.

ASHRAE developed new criteria for cath labs that supports the diverse range of services currently performed. To stay compliant, healthcare facilities are tasked with:

• Verifying air handlers. • Ensuring capacity and filtration needs are met. • Factoring humidification into the design.

Before making these updates, it’s important to perform extensive field work. Older facilities have often undergone years of updates, leaving as-built drawings out-of-date and inaccurate. Although these rooms are often being used around the clock, making time for this step can help organizations anticipate challenges prior to construction.

We recommend involving MEP partners from the beginning. Then, they can identify what the team is working with as soon as possible. This ultimately improves the quality of the design, as well as the finished project.

In addition to evaluating the existing conditions, our team uses staff surveys to create an imaging design that is functional and beautiful. Using our guest experience approach, we consider how the space works for every user. With talent retention a top priority for healthcare organizations, we strive to support their team, by considering sight lines, the number of steps to supplies and room temperature controls.

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