Improving Patient Outcomes with Survey Data

Countless studies have shown the link between patient outcomes and design. While identifying areas that need improvement may seem simple, prioritizing those items often proves to be much more difficult.

Surveying former patients and staff can help you recognize the areas of your facility that should be improved and gain a sense of which changes are most critical. It can also let you know how accurate your suspicions are and what you might be missing.

Before creating your survey, we recommend you follow these best practices:

  1. Have a clear idea of what you want to learn. For example, are waiting spaces too loud, too quiet, etc.?

  2. Issue surveys yourself to alleviate HIPPA concerns.

  3. Tailor your survey to specific populations, i.e. the patient survey should be different than the visitor survey.

  4. Keep surveys short. It’s better to delve deeper into specific topics than to ask too many broad questions.

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