2nd Annual Indigenous Peoples' Day Regatta

Last week we celebrated Indigenous Peoples' Day for the second time. Rather than discovering islands like last year, we had to race our boats through an "obstacle" course. (There are only so many obstacles you can make in an inflatable kiddie pool in the office, namely a trash can and painters tape.)

The race was simple, the person to finish fastest wins. Unfortunately, we haven't learned much about paper boat construction since last year. The competition quickly turned into "how long can you keep your boat afloat" and the answer was "uh, not long." I promise we are better at designing buildings than paper boats!

Emma was this years big winner, and has the trophy and captains hat to prove it! Abby came in second with a slightly too tall mast hindering her from completing the course. Elizabeth and Hilary both capsized in under 10 seconds, impressive, we know.

There was talk of moving this adventure outside next year, so stay tuned for that fiasco...

The playing field is set and the contestants are ready.

Note: Abby manically laughing in the background. We are a really supportive group here at BCDG.

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