What to Consider Before Buying Flexible Furniture

Designer and Partner, Brooke Cinalli, shares her tips for adding flexible furniture to your library.

What is the first step libraries should take?

Observe how your current spaces are used. How many patrons are working collaboratively or socializing, and how many are studying/researching/lounging individually? Also, encourage patrons to fill out a survey to understand how they want to use the space. Once this information is collected, furniture selection can be made based on future use.

What are some things to consider before purchasing furniture?

Consider incorporating zones throughout the building that target each group of patrons you’d like to accommodate. Then, be cognizant of where each is placed. For example, an independent study space should be far away from a group study pod.

What should libraries look for when selecting furniture?

A reputable furniture manufacturer that offers strong warranties and has a portfolio of successful projects. Arrange a tour to see how the furniture is being used and how well its aging.

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