Equipment Planning Made Easy – Free Template Available

Equipment planning can make or break your project. It reduces an owner’s risk and makes change orders less likely. You can even increase buy-in from staff by having them involved in the process.

Whether building something new or renovating an existing space, an equipment plan ensures a few important things:

1. The expenses will be included in the budget.

2. New or existing equipment will fit in your new space.

3. There will be power running to electronics.

4. You will know when to order, so items arrive in time to be operational.

As you make your plan, consider equipment as a function of process. If your workflow is altered, the equipment may need to change as well. For example, if you are moving to a bedside registration at a hospital, desktop computers will no longer work. Integrating tech and how items will be displayed should be incorporated into your design and equipment plan.

Keep in mind that just because you own it, doesn’t mean you should move it. Old furniture or displays may not make sense to move after a space has been redesigned.

Finding the time to create an equipment plan is often the biggest and most immediate hurdle. The next step is to establish who will be responsible for completing and maintaining it. Show how important it is, and make sure you have a solid owner’s representative in place. This could be someone in or out of the company, but in both cases, he or she should have a strong understanding of budget and the overall project.

Below, we’ve included a link to a template that will help get you started. However, here are the steps you should take:

1. Inventory the existing equipment.

2. Start to plan for what you'll need in concert with the schematic design.

3. Document all of it into a spreadsheet.

4. Determine what is new and what can be relocated.

5. Get quotes and finalize the budget.

6. Establish a schedule, coordinating it with the project.

7. Order, receive and inspect the new equipment.

8. Install it.

Equipment List Template - Download Here!

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