Hope Church Update 2 & 3

We've had two site visits since our last update and quite a few progress pictures to show off.

Steel erection is complete on the Children's Wing (East wing) and exterior framing and sheathing has started going up.

On the rear of this wing, our EIFS panels are going up (now complete). And no that's not snow, just little bits of styrofoam from planing the panels smooth.

Below are all the pictures from this last weeks visit.

Completed EIFS, including the corner piece which was a 1" V-notched 2'x2' grid which turned out perfect.

Above is the new entrance lobby with all the structural steel up and exterior metal framing being attached.

Below is the fully sheathed children's wing with the fluid applied vapor barrier making its way from the EIFS corner and the white sheet draping over the upper parapet is the TPO roofing membrane. A part of me thinks I should have climbed those ladders up to get a few shots of that, but the part of me that doesn't like 15 mph winds on a 10 degree day disagreed. Maybe next time (or Springtime).

This protruding corner of the new wings was an interesting piece to design and getting it built right has been fun (check out the framing pictures above) especially since there is a 1" expansion joint right in the middle which took some additional "Architecting" to get right. Additional post on that to come.

All in all, progress is good, construction workers are all still alive, although one did step backwards off the concrete platform above and swell his ankle up to the size of a cantelope. The nice thing about working outside in the frigid winter though, is that your aching joints are always iced. Seriously though, these guys are doing a great job and each visit is showing a great deal of progress, and most importantly the owner is happy.

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