Indigenous Peoples' Day

Around here, we like to have fun. Sometimes fun includes celebrating non-traditional holidays. This year, that includes Indigenous Peoples' Day.

The task was easy; make a paper boat and "sail" it to an island. It turns out that being a good architect does not necessarily make you a good paper boat builder, who knew?

Kurt set up the playing field; a kiddie pool filled with floating islands and traps. Once an island was discovered, you would reap the benefits of that country's most popular export (in the form of local gift cards). Then you were free to help (or hinder) your coworkers.

Abby was on an actual boat cruising to Mexico during this endeavor, so Sean, our trusty IT guy, filled in for her. Elizabeth was the first to discover an island, quickly followed by Nathan. Sean and Hilary's boats capsized quickly, so they had to be a little creative with their island discovering methods. And in true Columbus style, there was plenty of competition and haggling.

Once we figure out how to post videos to the blog, you can see the action for yourself. We are still figuring out this whole website thing one step at a time.

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