Pretty and Smart.

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Talk about a dream project…The culinary center is a collaboration between Silver Dollar City and Midwest Living magazine. We were asked to design a house that looked like it was built in the 1800's, but housed a state of the art Viking demonstration kitchen (all technology and modern appliances had to be hidden).


The result is a beautiful, functional kitchen where guests can learn to make meals in a cozy environment. The tables and chairs were carefully designed so guests would feel like they are sitting at a farmhouse table. We varied the heights for each row so even the guests in the back could see the demonstration well.


To maximize storage in the kitchen area, but still maintain as much natural light as possible, we installed upper cabinets in front of windows. This element, combined with reclaimed finishes and mismatched cabinetry gives the kitchen an evolved feel and provides a comfortable and functional space for learning.

Culinary and Craft School   Branson, MO