Brooke Cinalli and Kurt Broeckelmann first started working together in 2005 for a large regional firm specializing in healthcare. They were a successful team and enjoyed working with one another. 


Brooke left the firm in 2007 and started B Cinalli Designs. Her firm set a standard of design excellence that was quickly recognized by numerous publications and awards. (She was named Top 40 under 40 in Springfield for her achievements!)


Kurt followed suit and left in 2011, after amassing 14 years of healthcare experience and building relationships that lasted nearly that long. His work was recognized by publications and awards, although not as many as Brooke. (And he’s definitely not under 40 anymore.) 


In 2011, they joined to start a new firm with one simple rule: Remember, above all else, that our designs should improve other's experiences, regardless of whether they're in a library, church, or hospital.


Pretty and Smart.

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