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A group space allows patients to enjoy community with each other.

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Custom benches are in each patient room at their windows.

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Lit elements at the ends of corridors create perceived access to natural light.

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Part of bcDESIGNGROUP’s 3-story addition to University Hospital includes an Integraged Medicine Unit.  This 24-private bed unit will be a first for MU Health, and one of the first in the region.  In this type of unit, safety and function for both patients and staff are the main priorities. 

Our primary goal in designing this unit was to provide a safe and secure environment that is aesthetically pleasing and encourages dignified healing. At first glance, one would not realize they were in a psychiatric secure unit.  

One way we achieved this was by designing built-in benches at all patient room windows. This allows the patients a safe seating option near natural light. 

MU Health Care Integrated Medicine   Columbia, MO

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