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Award Winning

We had the opportunity to dream big with the Livingston County community to create the Lillian DesMarias Youth Library, an immersive environment that is a destination for youth and families.

The project goal was to create an immersive destination library for the youth. The library leadership wanted a welcoming, adaptable, community-focused, generational, unique, whimsical, and experience-driven space.

The $65 per square foot budget to renovate and furnish this former Walgreens required cost-effective solutions, so by focusing on key elements, we were able to concentrate their budget to key areas that created a big impact.

Our design gives each age group their own spaces to empower discovery, creativity, literacy skills, and most importantly, the love of books and learning, which helps the library further their mission to: Grow. Learn. Connect.

Lillian DesMarias Youth Library  Chillicothe, MO

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