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bcDESIGNGROUP has had the pleasure of working with HCA Midwest for over a year to develop a new set of standard finishes and design elements to help reinforce the HCA Midwest brand. The goal of this effort was to provide clinics with a modern guest experience approach to healthcare. We accomplished this by pairing warm wood toned design elements with sleek desks that allow eye-to-eye communication between patients and guests. We worked closely with Scott Rice to design furniture with built-in guest amenities, like mobile charging and selected artwork that reinforces a healing environment, as well as the HCA brand.

HCA Midwest's Specialty Center was the first building to integrate these new design standards. Every suite in this building has been designed to enhance the patient experience.  While the standards help unify the overall look of the building, each practice is unique in their needs and has customized spaces to help them serve their patients best. 

HCA Midwest - Specialty Center   Overland Park, KS

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