We use our two decades of award-winning design experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals and see your project in a new light. Through the lens of guest experience, we develop aesthetic and creative options that ensure your space is both functional and beautiful. Pretty and smart.


Our approach to planning is a combination of clear communication paired with lessons learned. We listen to our clients to establish needs and goals to develop ideas and solutions that are unique. We'll work with you to efficiently plan an environment that works for you and your guests.


Interior design means so much more than decorating. It means providing a comprehensive vision and direction for your project, so your space is functional and beautiful. We make informed decisions by leveraging a growing knowledge base and research gleaned from trusted resources, as well as members of your team and your guests.


We will work with you to help establish a recognizable brand that looks and feels the same across all of your locations, whether that is one suite or hundreds. This can help visitors feel more comfortable when they enter to any of your spaces and be even more relaxed each time they return.


For every project, we aim to craft intangible commodities - memorable experiences. We do this by engaging the senses and enveloping guests in an immersive environment that will make them want to come back again and again. We apply this effective approach to any project we design. 


Maybe you're worried about how to stage a facility-wide move? We can help by designing a transition plan tailored to your needs. We'll even figure out how to stage equipment moves, so you can stay operational. We can help develop and manage a comprehensive project schedule, inclusive of Owner's, Architect's and Contractor's milestones. 


Pretty and Smart.

That's what all architecture and design should be.  bcDESIGNGROUP learns what's important to your clients, patients, or guests, and combines this knowledge with our years of experience and expertise to create a space that is the perfect balance of pretty and smart.