Yes, that’s an image of one of our theme park projects. And yes, it does relate to every kind of project that we work on. We approach all of our projects through the lens of Guest Experience Design. We started using this approach when we worked on theme parks and quickly realized that its principles benefited every type of environment we design! 


So, what is Guest Experience Design? It’s designing an environment by looking at every detail of your facility the way a guest sees them.  And while Guest Experience Design is different for each client type (because each client has different types of guests), there are a lot of similarities in this design approach, chiefly, using hard data to give your guests a great experience each and every time they enter your facility. These experiences are the result of positive brand association, clear way-finding, proper use of the psychology of color, and even using sounds to reinforce your brand, just to name a few.

In short, we’ve found that a Guest Experience Design approach transcends theme park design and should be one of the key influencers in the design of your new facility.

Guest Experience Design