Unique Exam Room Designs Improve the Patient Experience in a Multi-Specialty Building

If you sprained your ankle, you wouldn’t go to a neurosurgeon to have it diagnosed. So, why do exam rooms look the exact the same whether you are there for a broken arm or an EKG? We have found that customizing exam rooms to meet the needs of a specific practice, allows healthcare providers to move more efficiently and support their patients in new ways. At the HCA Specialty Center in Overland Park, Kansas, we were able to do just that. We were the architect for all the practices inside the 3-story, 70,000 SF building. While our goal was to help each practice create a space to better serve their patients, we also needed to be mindful that all of the practices, which are part of the HCA Speci

Welcome, Ashton!

Ashton McWhorter has recently joined our team to be our newest Project Manager! She joins us with 2.5 years experience in the Dallas and Kansas City areas. Ashton is a K-State Alum (although we won't hold that against her) and actually was first introduced to BCDG at K-State's Design Expo in 2019. In her free time you can find Ashton climbing the walls, literally! She loves to stay active and that typically includes swimming, dog walking, or rock climbing. Before Covid-19 shut down the gyms in our area, she was spending a few hours most days rock climbing. She also enjoys being involved with the kid's ministry at her church where she gets to act like a kid for a few hours a week without judg

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