Three New Trends in Medical Office Spaces

For more years than we can count, we’ve worked with developers and medical practices on designing tenant spaces. Recently, we’ve noticed a few trends emerging and wanted to share those with you. There has been a push toward shared sinks. We’re seeing practices really start to think about the need for a sink (and sometimes even casework) in every exam room. As practices continue to “foam in / foam out,” the need for washing hands is diminishing, which can lead to significant savings for a project, as well as increasing the usable space inside exam rooms. And while it’s not right for every practice, it certainly merits discussion for most. Greater collaboration between furniture and IT is also

How Much Does It Cost?

At most of our initial project meetings, we get asked the same question: “How much will it cost?” And while we understand why it’s being asked, the answer is not always so straightforward. To better understand what we mean, let’s look at an example outside of our industry that closely follows the estimating and bidding process – buying a new car. When you begin the process to buy a new car, you go online and look at a make, model, and basic trim package, i.e. SE, LE, Sport, etc. At this point, the website will spit out a price that gets you in the proverbial ballpark. You know it’s not the final price, but at least you have an idea of where you’ll end up and generally that number can help yo

Small Changes Deliver a Large Branding Impact for Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions is a marketing agency network with offices in multiple cities and clients around the globe. They were looking for a way to warmly welcome their clients and other visitors to the Kansas City location. We collaborated closely with their amazing team to create a striking first impression in their space. Intouch Solutions wanted an entrance that represented their company culture and provided valuable information to their growing number of employees. The agency was founded in 1999 by Faruk Capan, who had previously worked in IT at a pharmaceutical company. He’d seen the possibilities of “the Internet” and wanted to help pharmaceutical companies connect with customers in exciting

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