Conducting Due Diligence for New Facilities

Building a new facility offers a number of exciting opportunities. However, the cost and choices involved can be overwhelming. Taking the time to conduct due diligence can save you dollars down the road. Below, you’ll find descriptions of each of the four steps of the process. Visioning Visioning helps get projects off to the right start. The goals of this step are to develop a vision for the proposed facility that aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, values and brand and to garner community interest and support. To carry this out successfully, you should gather information from a variety of sources, such as: Leadership Staff HCAHPS scores, as well as any other performance metrics

2nd Annual Indigenous Peoples' Day Regatta

Last week we celebrated Indigenous Peoples' Day for the second time. Rather than discovering islands like last year, we had to race our boats through an "obstacle" course. (There are only so many obstacles you can make in an inflatable kiddie pool in the office, namely a trash can and painters tape.) The race was simple, the person to finish fastest wins. Unfortunately, we haven't learned much about paper boat construction since last year. The competition quickly turned into "how long can you keep your boat afloat" and the answer was "uh, not long." I promise we are better at designing buildings than paper boats! Emma was this years big winner, and has the trophy and captains hat to prove it

Serving Underpopulated Areas with Pop-Up Libraries

As cities expand and the population moves, many public libraries find they do not have the financial resources to build a new library in remote or growing parts of their service area. However, the outreach method may be easier than most think. There are some fun, economical and innovative solutions to this issue. A growing number of pop-up libraries, outdoor reading rooms and semi-permanent structures are currently filling the needs of underserved areas until a future facility can be built. A pop-up library can be created in anything: a storage container, an Airstream camper, or even an old phone booth. These options can be moved at any time to new locations or can be used at local festivals

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