Pretty and Smart.

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bcDESIGNGROUP learns what's important to your clients, tenants, or guests, and incorporates it into our designs. We accomplish this in several ways.

For our retail clients, we provide a brief survey that can be distributed to current customers to garner feedback about what they enjoy (and don't enjoy) about a current location. We have another survey to solicit feedback from employees. We then use that information to inform the design of the new space.


For our office clients, we survey their employees to understand what elements in their current environment are beneficial, i.e. white noise, open collaborative environments, etc. We then use the information gathered to develop a design appropriate for their needs.

For our medical practices, we meet with the staff to discuss patient flow and the various operational models for physician practices. We also provide a survey for distribution to patients to understand the amenities they desire.

If you're sensing a pattern, that's a good thing! We ask a lot of questions of our clients and their customers, employees, patients, etc. It's that information that allows us to design spaces that are pretty and smart.